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product arrow SMP 816 VHF

Price Rp 875.000 Beli


Main Features
Ch/Freq/Mem Mode
Numeric Keypad
5 Programmable Keys
Voice Compander/ Scrambler
PTT ID Display
DTMF Encode & Decode
Primary/ Group ID
DTMF Auto Dial List
VOX/ Sensitive/ Delay Setting
9 Squelch levels
Frequency Step/ Offset
Frequency Reverse
Bandwith Selectable
FM Radio
LED Flashlight


Technical Specification

General Specification
Frequency Range 136-174MHz
Channel Capacity 128
Power Supply DC 7.4V
Operation Temp  -20°C - +55°C
Battery Type Li-ion 1100mAh
Battery Life (5/5/90 duty cycle) ≥ 8 hours
Dimension (HxWxT Exclude Antenna) 98x53x30mm
Weight (Include battery, antenna) 205g
Sensitivity (12dB SINAD)  -119dBm (0.25µV)
Adjacent Ch Selectivity 60dB@26KHz
Intermodulation >60dB
Hum and Noise ≥ 40dB@25KHz
Spurious Response Rejection 60dB
Blocking ≥ 85dB
Audio Distorion ≤ 5%
Audio Power Output 430mW@8Ω
RF Power Output H: 5W/ L: 1W
Frequency Stability  ± 2.5 PPM
FM hum and Noise ≥ 40dB@25KHz
Modulation Limited ≤ ± 5.0KHz@25KHz
Adjacent Ch Power 65 dBc
Modulation Character  ± 3dB
Spurious and Harmonics ≤ 7.5µW
Audio Distortion ≤ 5%