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product arrow MOTOROLA GP 88

Price Rp 1.500.000 Beli



1.Frequency range:136-174MHz,400-420MHz,450-470MHz


3.In build:PL-(Private Line) and DPL-(Digital Private Line) ,DTMF

4.High/Lower Power switch

5.Scan Function

6.Busy Channel lockout


Motorola GP88 Walkie Talkie 

Working frequency range : 150mega(VHF), 400mega and 450mega(UHF)

Motorola GP88 Walkie Talkie

Size: 140x59x42

weight: 509g

- endures the severely cold high temperature, rainproof quakeproof
- achieves the American military standard (MIL-STD810C.D and E)
- DTMF code/decoder
- output 1-4W (UHF), 1-5W(VHF) adjustable
- has the private line (PL-CTCSS) and digital Private line (PL-CTCSS)
- scanning function
- the busy channel locks up the function
- the battery economizer/battery warns insufficient
- work frequency including 150Mega (VHF), 400Mega and 450Mega (UHF)
- the Chinese country non-committee examines qualified


Each Set Package Including:

1 x Motorola GP88

1 x AC Charger

1 x Battery

1 x Antenna

1 x Manual

1 x Belt Clip