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product arrow ALINCO DJ 596

Price Rp 1.700.000 Beli


Frequency range



T: TX: 144-147.995MHz / 420-449.995MHz
RX: 136-173.995MHz / 400-511.995MHz
Operating mode F2(1200bps)/8K50F3E/16k0F3E/F1E(Op: digital)
Channel steps 5, 10, 12.5, 15, 20, 25, 30KHz
Memory channel 100 channels + 2 quick recall (CALL)
Antenna Connector BNC (50ohm unbalanced)
Frequency stability +/- 2.5ppm TCXO
Power supply requirement 6.0 - 15.0V DC negative ground
Current drain Approx. 1.2A TX VHF at 13.8V DC
Approx. 1.4A TX UHF at 13.8V DC
Approx. 75mA squelched
Approx. 25mA battery save ON
Usable temperature range -10 - +60c (14 - 140F)
Dimensions (w/o projection
EBP-50N battery included)
56mm(W) x 124mm(H) x 36.5mm(D)
2.2''(W) x 4.88"(H) x 1.44"(D)
Weight Approx. 310g (11oz) with EBP-50N
and EA98 whip antenna
CTCSS tone encoder/decoder 39 tones
Digital Coded Squelch encoder/decoder 104 codes
Output power Approx. 5W at 13.8V DC V/UHF
Approx. 4.5W VHF with 9.6V packs
Approx. 4.0W UHF with 9.6V packs
Approx. 2.5W V/UHF with EBP-56N
Approx. 0.8W Low position V/UHF
Modulation system Variable reactance frequency modulation
Spurious emission Less than -60 dB
Maximum frequency deviation +/- 5 KHz
Receive system Double-conversion superheterodyne
Sensitivity (-12dB SINAD) Less than -15.0dBu
Selectivity -6dB: 12KHz or more
-60dB: 30KHz or less
Audio output power More than 200mW(8ohm 10%THD)
Optional Accessories
Battery Packs EBP-50N Ni-MH High 9.6V 700mA (1)
EBP-51N Ni-MH High 9.6V 1500mA (2)
EBP-56N Li-Ion Mid 7.4V 1000mA (3)
Charger EDC-93 Trickle charger / 120V for (1) & (2)
EDC-94 Trickle charger / 220V for (1) & (2)
* Trickle charger not available for (4)
Rapid Charger EDC-97 Ni-MH charger (120V) for (1) & (2)
EDC-97E Ni-MH charger (240V) for (1) & (2)
EDC-111 Li-ION charger ( 120V) for (3)
EDC-111E Li-ION charger ( 240V) for (3)
Cables EDC-36 Mobile DC cable with a noise-filter
EDC-43 Mobile DC cable
EDC-37 External DC power cable
Microphones EMS-59 Speaker-microphone
EMS-47 Speaker-microphone
EME-4 Earphone-microphone
EME-20 Earphone-microphone
Headsets EME-12A earpiece with VOX
EME-13A speaker with VOX
EME-15A earpiece/tie-pin mic with VOX
Earphones EME-6 earphone
Mobile brackets EBC-6 Door-bracket
Softcase ESC-36 Softcase for (1) & (2)
Units EJ-47U digital-voice modulation unit