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product arrow ALINCO DJ 195

Price Rp 1.350.000 Beli


General DJ-195T/ 196T
Freq. RX original status 130 to 174 F2 F3 only
F2, F3, WFM

Freq. TX 144-147.995

Freq. Stability + / -5ppm( -10 to + 60c) 
Antenna Imp. 50 ohm unbalanced
Supply Voltage DC 13.8V rated
DC 6.0min to 16V max
Ground Negative GND
Current consumption TX 5W 1.2A approx.
at 13.8V external source RX 200mA approx/ 300mW
RX squelched 50mA approx.
RX Batt.Save on 20mA app.
Operating Temp. range -10 to + 60 degrees C.
Dimention w/ o projection 56( W) x 124( H) x 40 ( D) 
Weight with drycellcase+ cell N/ a
and antenna

Output power 5W 13.8V or EBP48N
Low= 0.5W
Modulation Variable reactance
Max. Deviation n/ a
Spurious emission less than -60db
Microphone Imp. 2k ohms approx.

Circuit Double superheterodyne
1st IF freq. 21.7Mhz
2nd IF freq. 450khz

Sensitivity 12db SINAD better than -8dbu
( 0.2uV or less) 

Selectivity except WFM more than -6db/ 12khz
less than -60db/ 28khz
Image/ spurious response less than -60db
AF out at 10% distort.13.8V Max 300mW
AF impedance 8 ohms

Standard feature
Expandible RX range none
MARS/ CAP mod. Yes
DTMF tone encode
DCS SQ enc/ dec
CTCSS SQ Enc/ Dec 39tones
Memory ch. 40ch non expandible
Auto Dialer memory memory 9 memories, max 16 characters/ memory
Call channel Yes